Egg — $345

I miss ivory. Not the moral burden of knowing that continued trading in stuff that was 10,000 years old or from elephants that were killed back when we thought it was OK provided a smokescreen for the continued poaching of the few remaining ones. But I miss it as a design element. I never really looked for an alternative, but I was looking at this pipe earlier today thinking how nice that little white ring would look, how it might emphasize what I hope looks like Danish influence, and something made me start pawing through my drawer of miscellaneous rod stock, where I found a few inches of Tuscanite that Rad Davis gave me years ago. I never used it for a stem because I have a hard time using my last one of anything, but I think it makes a really nice ivory substitute.

So, the pipe. A nice little handful, if I say so myself. What the grain lacks in perfect symmetry in the side flame it makes up in abundance of birdseye. At least, that's what I think. You can decide for yourself from the pictures.

46g.  Overall length is 5", height is 1.7", bowl is 3/4" by 1.4" deep.  Stem is handcut vulcanite with Delrin tenon. Tuscanite floc.


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