To Order:
  Just send me an email letting me know which pipe you'd like. I'll send you my address and mark the pipe "reserved." When I get your check or money order, I'll send you the pipe. When you let me know you're happy (and I try not to let the trial period expire without finding out if you're happy or not) I'll mark the pipe "sold." Or, when I get around to it. If you've been with me for a while, please delete the old AOL address from your address books.

I should add a word about PayPal.  Because of PayPal's anti-tobacco stance and activities, I resent paying their fees when I sell a pipe, BUT there are times when it simply is the only way.  International customers, for instance, have no choice.  And some customers use PayPal to separate their pipe purchases from household finances.  And I guess there are ways to use PayPal so that they don't take a chunk.

Checks are preferable.  I've never received a bad check for a pipe, and I've never failed to deliver the pipe in return, so I don't see the need for a middleman.  I appreciate it when customers are able to send a check, but if PayPal is the difference between yes and no, I understand.