Tavern — $275

5 7/8" long, 2" tall (including peg), bowl 3/4" by 1 3/8" deep, weighs 29g. Handcut vulcanite stem with reverse stainless tenon.

I was a big fan of Paolo Becker's both as a pipe maker and a human. I was always astonished at his daring when I saw pictures of his spaghetti shank pipes, and couldn't figure out how he managed to put a mortise and tenon in there until, at the Chicago Pipe Show, he showed me. The tenon is made of the same stainless thin-walled hypodermic tubing (that's what it's called, I'd hate like hell to be stuck with a needle that size) and the mortise is in the rubber stem rather than the briar, avoiding the leverage that a partially-withdrawn tenon could impose on the end of the shank. Even with this construction I'm not as daring as Paolo was, but I think the shank is still thin enough to evoke the clay tavern pipe and I wouldn't put even a .250" tenon in there. Sorry about the pictures, I didn't think about a black pipe on a black bag until I was putting this page together and had to crank the exposure.

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